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My name is David Carranca and I am creative, informal, relaxed and tend to be driven by passion rather than formulas. I’ve always been passionate about arts and design.

I followed my professional path as a Freelancer since I’ve always wanted to learn and gain more experience working with real clients. I’ve worked on various successful Design projects, Photography, and 3D projects alongside several companies and satisfied clients. So much so that my work and will to strive has already taken me to live abroad in Malaga in the context of Erasmus +.

Most recently I’ve been employed at a Design Agency which gave me the opportunity to work and collaborate with national and international clients. I’ve improved my skills working on projects such as Brand Identities and Portfolios as well as content for social networks, labels, business cards, stationaries, email signatures and illustrations across several subjects such as digital marketing, health, sports, beauty, catering and others.

Within Graphic Design I have focused mainly on branding but I always aim to discover new tools and ways.

I tend to rethink the way I create since I’m not necessarily locked down in tradition. I am a professional seeking out my own path.

I take risks, experiment and innovate.
I’m on a mission to work in an innovative, sustainable and transparent way. Creativity tends to be my main guideline.

Main Qualities: autonomous, creative, responsible, and meet deadlines;
Main Difficulties: animation, complex 3D, video and sound editing;
Software experience: Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Blender.
Main Hobbies:photography, learning cryptocurrency, Skate.

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